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Overseas Involvement

Here are the overseas missionaries we support, who are currently working to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please include these missionaries and their important work as a regular part of your prayers.

Alyssa Strong : Soon to be serving in Bulgaria 

Our newest focus in the Overseas Mission's field is Traverse City's very own Alyssa Strong.  Check out the video and links below to learn more! 

To check out Alyssa's Personal Blog, click HERE
To check out the Mission to the World Bulgaria Website, click HERE:
To donate to Alyssa, click HERE:


Esaie & Natacha Etienne: Serving in Haiti


 To donate or learn more about Esaie and Natacha, click HERE:


Brent & Ellie Meyers: Serving in Barcelona


 To donate or learn more about Brent and Ellie, click HERE:


For additional information or to make contributions to other MTW missionaries, please visit www.mtw.org or mail items to:

Mission to the World
PO Box 2589
Suwanne, GA 30024-0982