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Andy Stanley and Sola Scriptura

Another Reformation Sunday has come and gone, but the importance of holding fast to the Word of God as our final authority continues to be the call of the church in the 21st century.  As I mentioned in the sermon this past reformation Sunday, that not only means we must not allow competing authorities with the Word of God, but we must also be willing to affirm and defend the Bible's unique authority as the Word of God.

Sadly, the authority of Scripture is being undermined and challenged even from within Christian and evangelical circles.  Once such challenge has come recently from the prominent evangelical pastor and teacher Andy Stanley. Stanley's latest book, Irresistible: reclaiming the new Jesus has for the World, is a serious challenge to the authority and usefulness of the O.T. for Christians today.  I highly recommend that you read the review by Michael Krueger, which does an excellent highlighting the problems with this approach, and the very concerning inconsistencies which Stanley argues for. Try as we might (and many have tried over the centuries), we simply cannot detach the O.T. from the Christian faith. If the O.T. isn't true and accurate, we lose a saving Christ, and if we lose a saving Christ, we lose Christianity.  




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