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Summary of January 2020 Congregational Meeting

 Redeemer Family


At the request of some who were unable to attend our annual congregational meeting, I have included below a summary description of what was discussed. We give praise to God for another year of ministry at our church, and pray for his blessing upon our endeavors in 2020.  

Highlights of 2019 

Largest overall attendance the church has ever had

  • Baptisms: 1  
  • Profession of Faith (Youth): 2
  • Profession of Faith (Adult): 1  
  • New members: 12
  • Deaths: 2 

Website hits:  Over 6K different visitors  (up from 5600 last year)

Sermon Audio Recordings:  over 4800 downloads.

Other media:  Redeemer Podcast started 

2019 ministry goals Completed 

  1. Completed first ever mens’ conference...
  2. Celebrated 15 years as a church...we are officially a teenager..we can start driving now!
  3. Made Budget,

I want to acknowledge and thank the many people in our church, including many in this room who gave above and beyond, who gave generously and sacrificially to meet our budget deficit.  

    4.  We gave money away generously!

     5. Continued involvement in neighborhood and service to community. 


Goals for 2020

  1.  Men’s conference  march 20-21
  2. Youth / Family  Ministry  - 3 events this year.  
  3. Womens - June conference
  4. Prayer -  added two new times for corporate prayer
  5. Step up Neighborhood / Community Involvment in two ways
    1. First ...a survey of the neighborhood.  Door to door
    2. Second ... local mission trip    (Tentative DatesJune 25-27

Explanation: We want to have some kind of mission week at Redeemer. Instead of sending a team somewhere else, would like to do something in TC that would utilize our congregation and our youth in service in the name of Christ. Goal would be to plan 3 full days, with breakfast and dinner together each day for those participating.  

    6.   Add Diaconal Assitants 

Explanation: Diaconal Assistants are defined in our book of church order as men and women from the congregation who are officially appointed by the session to assist the deacons in the work of ministry.  We have a very pressing need for diaconal help, as our deacons are shorthanded.  We hope that appointing deacon assistants will help our diaconal ministry and also add some other benefits to our congregation  

    7.  Two -Service planning 


We had a very positive response from the congregation to going to two-services in 2019.  In light of that and continued space capacity issues, the leadership intends to move to two-services for a total of 10 Sundays in 2020.  Easter Sunday, and then July 4th weekend to Labor Day weekend.   

One final note, our current treasurer will be stepping down, and so we are seeking a new treasurer for our church.  If that is a position that you are interested in finding out more about, please contact me or any one of the Elders.