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A Reformed Church

At Redeemer we carry the label of a "Reformed church." What exactly do we mean by that?

Being a “Reformed Church” means that we ascribe to a Statement of Faith that was produced in the wake of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. For the PCA, this is the Westminster Confession of Faith written in the 1640’s. It also means that we affirm the five solas (“sola” is the Latin for “alone” or “only”) of the Reformation.

Sola gratia (“grace alone”): Salvation comes by grace only, not through any merit on the part of the sinner. The sinner does not earn or deserve God’s mercy and forgiveness; it is given freely as a gift.

Sola fide (“faith alone”): Justification (that is, being declared guiltless before God) is received only through faith. It is not the result of good works or the efforts of the sinner. Even the faith itself is a gift from God.

Sola scriptura (“Scripture alone”): The Bible is the only inspired and authoritative Word of God and is self-interpreting (Scripture interprets Scripture). Although traditions can be good and profitable, they must be informed by the Scriptures. Only the Bible provides the rule for faith and practice in the Christian church and life.

Solus Christus (“Christ alone”): Christ is the exclusive mediator between God and man. It is only because of His perfect, sinless life and atoning death that any sinner can be right with God. Neither Mary, the saints, nor priests (other than Christ, our great High Priest) can act as our mediator in bringing salvation.

Soli Deo gloria (“Glory to God alone”): Since salvation is accomplished solely and entirely through His works, all glory, honor, and praise is due to God alone.