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How to write a worship song in five minutes (OR Why we sing hymns)

First, watch thisvideo... This video is funny. It's also rather sad. While certainly exaggerating, it expresses quite pointedly how empty many contemporary worship songs really are. In only a few years as a minister, it has become obvious to me that many people are turned away from reformed and presbyterian churches because they find the minimal instrumentation and singin...

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Why have a Confession of Sin in the Worship Service?

Every week the congregation of Redeemer church corporately confesses our sins before God and seeks his mercy and forgiveness. This week for example, we will ask God in our prayer of confession that he would "Remember not the sins of my youth, or my transgressions; according to your steadfast love remember me, for the sake of your goodness, O Lord. For your name's sake, O L...

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How should a Worship Service Begin? Does it really matter?

Every Church has to begin the corporate Sunday worship service in some way. Some churches simply start worship by playing a song, others begin with a welcome, greeting, and prayer, and the list goes on. At Redeemer, we have chosen to begin service with a formal Call to Worship. The pastor, speaking on God's behalf, calls the congregation to worship by reading a passage fro...

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The Importance of Corporate Worship

We live in a day in which the importance of the weekly worship service for Christian growth and discipleship is being undermined. There are many reasons for this. Certainly the individualism of our culture which has led to a "me and Jesus" approach to our Christianity is a big factor. After all, why do I need to go to church when I can have a personal experience with Jesus...

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