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Why I baptized my children, and why I will baptize yours if you let me...

Several years ago I had the great privilege of baptizing my daughter Tenley when she was just a few months old. Before the baptism, Lindsay and I sent a letter to our family and friends, many of whom were completely unfamiliar (and some, suspicious) with the practice of infant baptism. In light of the upcoming baptisms this weekend, I have posted the letter in its entiret...

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A Reformed Church

Redeemer is a "Reformed" church. What does that mean exactly? ...

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The Sin of King Jeroboam

King Jereboam was a wicked king. So wicked was he in God's eyes, in fact, that his sin is repeatedly referenced throughout the entire book of Kings, and he is viewed as setting the example for all of the sinful kings who followed him. When Baasha became king in Israel, for example, the narrator informs us that "He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and walked in th...

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Defending God's Unconditional Election

I recently came across a blog written against the doctrine of God's unconditional election. The author, a Christian blogger and speaker, set forth what he believes are five logical implications of this doctrine which he finds repulsive and inconsistent with Scripture. Interestingly, he himself is responding to a post by John Piper which set forth five reasons to embrace un...

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"I believe in the holy catholic church?" What is the Apostles Creed referring to?

At our church we recite the "Apostles Creed" together nearly every week. Nearly every week, then, we all repeat the phrase "I believe in the holy catholic church." For many christians, this assertion is problematic, because it could be understood as an endorsement of the Roman Catholic church. Is this what the Creed is referring to? What exactly are we confessing when we a...

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Do our good works really please God?

The book of James often leaves us in a place of cognitive dissonance. We know from Scripture (and experience) that all of us continue to sin, even as believers (1 John 1:8-9). We know that even our "good works," if examined closely, are mixed with unbelief and impurity. We know that, because of the indwelling sin that remains in us (Gal 5; Rom 7), we are unable to perfect...

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The Christian and the 4th Commandment

Last week I read about a recently ordained PCA minister who took an exception to the Westminster Confession's articulation of Sunday as the "Christian Sabbath." It's not suprising to hear of a minister taking exception to the Confession's teaching regarding the restrictions that apply to the Sabbath. Over the years I have heard many ministers express their concerns that th...

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