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Archives for July 2016

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Why Church Membership? The importance of community in an individualistic and online world

Why should I join a church? Is there really a difference between joining a church and attending regularly? I can now go to church "online" and watch a famous preacher on my TV - isn't that just as good as joining a local church? In our day, where both technology, individualism, and a consumer approach to religion are rampant, these are all questions that come up and need ...

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A Great Divide: The Fundamental Difference Between the PCA and PCUSA

One of the questions that I routinely get asked as the minister of a Presbyterian Church is this: "What is the difference between your church and the Presbyterian Church down the road?" I have found that simply asserting that we are part of the PCA and the other Presbyterian Church is part of the PC(USA), only leads to "What is the difference between the PCA and the PC(USA...

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What happened to the Presbyterian Church USA?

This week the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States, approved an ammendment to their constitution to redefine marriage as "a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a women, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives." The church had voted to adopt this change at last years General ...

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