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Archives for August 2015

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Why Recite a Creed Every Week?

Every week, before we partake of the Lord's Supper, we recite together one of the ancient Creeds of the Christian Church. Most of the time we use the Apostles Creed, but we also use the Nicene Creed and occasionally parts of the Heidelberg Catechism. Why do we do this? First, reciting a Creed names and gives substance to the God we worship. In a pluralistic society such a...

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Why do we have the Lord's Supper every week?

Every Christian church has been given the privilege of partaking of the Lord's Supper on a regular basis. Jesus made it clear, when he instituted the Supper, that it was a meal that should be continually observed by his disciples until he comes again. The bread represents his body broken for us, the wine his blood shed for us. The meal as a whole gives us a wonderful foret...

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Why do we have sermons? (And why are they So Long?)

There is more time devoted in our worship service to preaching than to any other single element. This is intentional, and reflects our understanding of just how important preaching is for establishing and strengthening our life of faith. Preaching was central in the ministry of Jesus, the ministry of his Apostles, and is to have a central place in the church. As Paul solem...

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Why Take an Offering in the Worship Service?

It is no longer a given in evangelical churches that an offering will be taken during a worship service. As an alternative, many churches now set up permanent "drop -boxes" in the back of the church which allow for donations to be made at any time. Others, aided by advances in technology, have moved to online giving through sites like Paypal or by setting up automatic bank...

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