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Archives for February 2015

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I'm a Protestant. What should I think about lent?

Last week began the liturgical season of the church year known as Lent. Lent is the 40 day period beginning Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday. Traditionally, the season of lent focuses on repentance, prayer, and good works, in preparation for the celebration of Easter (much like the season of Advent is meant to prepare us for the joy of Christmas morning). The ashe...

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Should we trust 'Scientific' Prayer Studies?

In this past week's sermon, I mentioned a 2006 study published by the American Heart Journal on the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer. The study consisted of evaluatiing what effect, if any, intercessory prayer had on producing an uncomplicated recovery for cardiac bypass patients. The conclusion of the study was that there was no correlation at all between the nu...

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The Danger of Marketing the Gospel

Driving down a major highway in Phoenix, AZ, I passed a large billboard advertising for one of the mega-churches in the area. The sign was very simple. It only had the logo of the church with one sentence written on it. I cannot remember the precise wording, but it was something very similar to "Experience your best life." Upon seeing this, I had a mixed response. On the o...

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