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Archives for October 2015

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How to write a worship song in five minutes (OR Why we sing hymns)

First, watch thisvideo... This video is funny. It's also rather sad. While certainly exaggerating, it expresses quite pointedly how empty many contemporary worship songs really are. In only a few years as a minister, it has become obvious to me that many people are turned away from reformed and presbyterian churches because they find the minimal instrumentation and singin...

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What should I do Sunday afternoon, part 2

What should we do Sunday afternoon? In the first post on this topic, we finished by suggesting that to answer this question we must consider the purpose of the Lord's Day. As we consider what Sunday is for, it will help us determine what we should do. Purpose # 1: Sunday is intended to bring us refreshment, both physically and spiritually. This aspect of refreshment is a...

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What should I do on Sunday afternoon?

What should I do on Sunday afternoon? I acknowledge that even asking this question identifies me as one of those weird Christians who still believes that Sunday is a special day. I admit it is true. I still believe that the 4th commandment applies, that Sunday is the Lord's Day, and thus it is to be different from the other days of our week. This is the position of our de...

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